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The cloud presents businesses with new alternatives to the more traditional options of on-premises and 3rd party managed hosting.  Besides IaaS, some hyperscale providers offer PaaS and the ability to create cloud native solutions which remove much, if not all, of the burden of OS and application management.

Deciding on when to move, what to move and how to move to the cloud either from an existing estate, or as a greenfield project, presents a complex challenge with endless questions and a bewildering set of options, architectures and approaches.

Complicating matters can be technological, regulatory and political requirements limiting what data and technologies can be cloud hosted, what architectures can be used, leading to complex cloud only, cloud native, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Marx Bitware has extensive experience with Azure, AWS and various private clouds, having developed and consulted on everything from multi-million user payment solutions, highly-available e-commerce platforms to nationwide IoT deployments.

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