Artificial General Intelligence

In considering the long term outcome of strategic modernisation in enterprises, it often escapes the attention of architects and strategic planners that the ultimate ideal outcome would be the complete automation of their business.

On this journey, many enterprises will have encountered the citizen developer, citizen data scientist, self service tooling, low-code/no-code solutions and robotic process automation.  Longer term, this is all converging in complete automation of business processes through Artificial General Intelligence.


Marx Bitware is a leading developer of Artificial General Intelligence and its operationalisation.  Large corporations, for many reasons, may seek to develop some form of AGI internally.  Marx Bitware can support this development processes by leveraging its own R&D. 


Key areas Marx Bitware provides consultancy services around are:

  • Reasoning

  • Comprehension

  • Contextual Processing

  • Knowledge Base Development

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Causal Processing

  • Automatic Code Generation

  • Memory

  • Consciousness

  • Planning

  • Execution engines

  • Common sense

  • Prediction

  • Attention

  • Hyperscale delivery

  • Device & Robotics integration

  • Ethical processing

  • Secure Data Layers

  • Deep Learning, Narrow AI and Expert Systems

  • Knowledge base integrity

  • Judgement

  • AGI Mental Health

Smaller organisations may not be in a position to develop their own AGI, however, may benefit from aligning their long term digital strategy with the emerging field.  In the long term, this will reduce technical debt and associated costs.