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Enterprise Architecture

Leading an enterprise's technology strategy into the future, while accounting for change and disruptive forces in the market, is the most complex challenge any company will ever face.


Our guiding philosophy to Enterprise Architecture is to develop a holistic vision of how people, processes, systems, businesses, customers and the market interact and provide comprehensive solutions which optimise the business at every stage while maintaining its agility to respond to dynamic market conditions.

Marx Bitware goes beyond aligning IT with the business, beyond coherency between departments, beyond innovation to deliver solutions in a broader context of the enterprise as a dynamic entity in a dynamic world.

For smaller enterprises, one pattern which has been consistent throughout the history of IT is that the challenges faced by large corporations, at some point, become the challenges of small-to-medium sized enterprises in time.  For example, the Enterprise Service Bus model was initially a solution for very large enterprises, whereas today thanks to the cloud, it is a very common model even in startups.

Marx Bitware works with organisations of all sizes and has visibility of modern challenges faced by large corporations and the solutions which emerge.  These solutions will become the solutions of smaller enterprises in time and such enterprises can benefit from early alignment reducing technical debt and associated costs over the longer term.

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