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Machine Learning & AI

Machine learning and AI are often conflated, but they are two distinct concepts with the former being a subset of the latter.  Machine learning employs unsupervised, supervised or reinforcement learning approaches to improve accuracy of an algorithm's ability to perform a given task.  Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the other hand, is the ability of a solution to operate in a manner typically associated with human intelligence.

Machine learning and AI can involve the deployment of 3rd party products, custom code and/or SaaS solutions.  Operationalisation of machine learning and AI is important to gain maximum utility and control.  Marx Bitware provides services which support operationalisation of Machine Learning an AI throughout the business.

In some instances, complete custom solutions to particular Machine Learning challenges and AI objectives are required.  Marx Bitware can provide consultancy, development and 3rd party solutions to solve even the most complex business goals.

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