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Application development, especially with the introduction of the cloud, has very much become about quick turn around through the integration of various technologies which reduce the amount of overall coding to be performed and, in turn, costs. 


Delivering applications that are robust, scalable, highly available, monitorable and performant, however, is still a very specialised skill which most companies struggle to deliver.

Marx Bitware provides development services based upon .NET and .NET Core capable of running on cross-OS environments, whether that be on-premises, hybrid, cloud only or cloud native hosting.  From desktop applications, to web apps, from enterprise messaging to microservice based architectures, Marx Bitware can solve the most taxing challenges faced by businesses today.

Many IT estates contain a range of custom developed systems for which little or no documentation exists.  As a further complication, many codebases are uncommented, integrate with a variety of other technologies and can be thousands or hundreds of thousands of lines long.  Marx Bitware can analyse such code bases producing architecture diagrams, documentation and code comments enabling future refactoring or redevelopment.

Sometimes all that is required is a second opinion.  Whether that be architecture, code or documentation review, Marx Bitware can provide an objective analysis and ensure contractual obligations are fully met.

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