A ground-breaking series on how to develop a functional Artificial General Intelligence.  New videos added frequently.

This video tutorial series is the first practical guide to implementing an AGI from the ground up.  The general outcome is, with the appropriate professional background, that you or your company can be up and running with a bare bones AGI in a short period of time.  No longer will it be an esoteric field in academia, but a major business reality hurtling towards you.


The series introduces new forms of technology and approaches while highlighting the pitfalls and where the current market falls short.  If you are looking to upskill to maintain relevance in this new reality, or trying to understand the general market direction, this video series is the place to begin that journey.


This video tutorial series is designed for architects, consultants, developers and companies who want to understand how AGI will impact their business models.  Many of the videos explore the capabilities of AGI and how architecture choices can lead to new market opportunities.  We also explore the threats of AGI, from job losses to inappropriate usage, offering guidance along the way.

Each video can be rented for £99 for 3 days.  Train in groups or as an individual, even run your own course with our material as an additional resource.  If there are specific topics that you would like us to cover, or go into greater depth on something we have already covered, use the Contact Us form below and let us know.